A Book 100 Years in the Making

Our 644 page anthology, collecting the greatest ancient Greek and Latin texts in one stunning hardback first edition, is now on Sale! Bring home The Essential Classics, a book a 100 years in the making today.

  • The Essential Classics

    Les Belles Lettres was begun 100 years ago, during the First World War. Young Frenchmen had left their universities for the front lines by the millions; a few of them took with them the works of the great writers of antiquity. Writing to each other from the trenches, they laid out a plan for a new publishing house, one that would reach back into the classical world, “establish” the texts properly, and translate them for the modern world.

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  • Sappho: The Lost Poetess

    Sappho, the great ancient Greek Poetess, was considered equal to Homer. Living in the 7th BCE, her work was renowned and beloved... but over time her poetry has been lost. Today almost none of it has survived... that is, until a new discovery was found!

    Learn the true story of Sappho's life, loss and the remarkable rediscovery of her poetry in Sappho: the Lost Poetess.

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  • Classical Wisdom

    The truth of the matter is that we humans haven’t really changed that much. What Cicero has to say about grief is as relevant today as it was in the first century BC. The wise words of Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius still ring true. History doesn’t repeat itself, as the old saying goes, but it does rhyme. 

    Those who are clued into this know it’s very worthwhile learning from the past.

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From Homer to Marcus Aurelius... The Classics covered in one book.

That is the essential insight of the classics – that there may be progress in man’s material world, but not in his intellectual world. Ideas come and go... and then come again, as if they were completely new.

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